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The official price of the serum is € 39, there is a product discount of up to 50% when ordering. The conditions of the promotion are limited.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Doctor cosmetics Rani Sanz Doctor Rani Sanz
Doctor cosmetics
20 years
I believe the main difference between this serum is that it has a natural composition as only natural ingredients can penetrate the skin's barrier and nourish its deep layers. The main ingredients of the Medutox product are jellyfish and sea urchin peptides. Its effect is aimed at smoothing the skin and also copes with old and deep wrinkles. It is important that the Medutox serum has an accumulating effect that not only does not disappear over time, but also increases after the product has been discontinued. You can find it in Spain

The main direction of action of the Medutox serum is to ensure skin regeneration, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.Destruction of the skin under the influence of environmental factors and stressEvery woman is happy to receive compliments and always tries to be beautiful, our preparation is an irreplaceable assistant in this regard.

Skin aging is influenced by many processes, the most important of which are:
  1. Exposure to environmental factors (increased drought or humidity).
  2. Violation of ecology.
  3. unsuitable climate.
  4. the use of alcoholic beverages, active smoking.
  5. wrong sleep patterns.
  6. improper and unbalanced diet.
  7. Lack of skin care.
  8. physical activity.
  9. violations of the concentration and function of hormones.
causes Consequences
Physiological problems
Lack of estrogen Its main function is to maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles from appearing. Their amount decreases over the years, which is why women from 30 years of age suffer from sagging skin, deep wrinkles and irritation.
Stress at work and in life It is often claimed that stress leaves its mark and shows up on our skin in the form of wrinkles, fatigue and a decrease in skin tone.
Collagen deficiency Collagen allows the skin to cope with the appearance of fine lines and heal itself, but when its concentration wanes, there is a loss of complexion and shape.
Internal organs malfunction. As a result of these processes, the water-salt metabolism is disturbed, which leads to the exhaustion of the epidermal cells. The skin becomes dry, flakes, wrinkles and inflammation appear. If you do not start treatment on time, deep skin folds or even cracks can form, which are very difficult to treat.

About the product

Medutox is a skin rejuvenation preparation that comes in the form of a cream in a bottle with a convenient dispenser. The manufacturer guarantees that unwanted wrinkles disappear on the 12th day of using the serum.

What result can be expected from the Medutox cream?
  1. Eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  2. Moisturizes the skin for up to 48 hours.
  3. Improved complexion.
  4. Smoothing of facial expressions and deep wrinkles.
  5. Skin regeneration.
  6. Restoration of the water-salt balance.
  7. Smoothing the skin and improving tone.

Product composition Medutox

The Medutox gel contains only natural ingredients that ensure skin rejuvenation:
    Jellyfish Immortal - Composition Medutox Immortal jellyfish secret extract.
    Promotes relaxation of the facial muscles, rejuvenation and smoothing of various skin irregularities. Strengthens the division of new cells and thereby renews the epidermis.
    Sea Urchin - Composition Medutox Extract from sea urchins.
    Improves the water-salt metabolism and increases collagen production. This helps restore the skin's elasticity and firmness.
    green tea - composition Medutox Green tea.
    Relieves irritation and flaking caused by dry skin. Helps relax the nervous system and relieves tension in the facial muscles.
    Sowing chestnuts - composition Medutox Sow chestnut.
    Brightens and removes age spots, restores healthy skin tone and glow.
    Asian Centella - Medutox Membership Asian Centella.
    Also brightens and neutralizes age spots, eliminates bruises.
    Yarrow - Composition Medutox Common yarrow.
    Regenerates the damaged layers of the dermis.

Advantages of Medutox over analogues:

Based on the following factors:
  1. Proof of effectiveness based on many clinical studies.
  2. The result is visible within 12 days of application.
  3. The natural composition guarantees safety when using the serum.
  4. Easy to use and quick absorption of the serum.
  5. Reliable protective packaging that prevents product spoilage.
  6. Absence of side effects and allergic reactions.
  7. The possibility of using the cream at a young age - from 18 years.

Medutox is an easily absorbable gel that was made in South Korea. This country has long been known for its skin care cosmetics for rejuvenation and the use of modern technologies in the field of cosmetics. Gel Medutox was a real youth elixir for women with facial skin problems and quickly gained popularity in other countries. Thanks to the presence of quality certificates and numerous confirmed studies, the cream Medutox has won the trust of consumers.

To confirm the quality of the Medutox cream, clinical studies have been carried out repeatedly. The result was predicted by the manufacturers: out of 5, 000 women, not a single one was dissatisfied with the result. It was found that the skin of the face became healthy, smooth and elastic. The women have confirmed that they will continue to use the Medutox product.

Influence on the body

The drug Medutox has a systemic effect, as the components of the serum are gradually released, nourishing, rejuvenating the skin and stimulating its recovery. They do not act superficially, but penetrate the deep layers of the dermis, eliminate internal disturbances, stabilize cell nutrition, stimulate regeneration and the formation of collagen. It is important that the Medutox cream does not create a mask effect on the skin of the face, which allows the facial muscles to recover.

How can I buy the drug?

Despite the fact that Spain has its own proven brands of beauty products, our product is also popular with customers. You can order the Medutox serum at the price of € 39 (see the price in another country) on the official website. There is currently a campaign where you can buy a dual benefit drug in Spain.

Where can I buy Medutox in Spain?

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